Spinal Surgery approach.

We accomplished the real quality in wide range of Clamping & Spinal Surgery Instruments.

Orthopedic Instruments

Warsi Surgical is the most frequent in the orthopedic instruments Quality.

Surgical Instruments

we standardize the performance of the advanced surgical and relaibale surgery instruments.

Bone Roungers

The Quality of Bone Surgery Instruments is satisfactory from our Process..

About Us

Company Profile

Warsi Surgical Industries. is a family owned company, dedicated to giving you the personalized service you deserve. We have been supplying the medical industry with the finest in surgical instrumentation for all specialties for over 10 years. From Pakistan, we offer complete service and custom instrument manufacturing in addition to our already broad line of instruments.When you buy from WARSI SURGICAL INDUSTRIES, you are guaranteed the best. Not only the best instruments, but the best service as well. If you ever have a question, we’re here to help. We will be happy to give you the support you need.


Warsi surgical. can develop product tooling for plastic parts and components from various sources such as CAD data, 3D models, 2D drawings, components or from conceptual design. From initial concept up to finished products we use latest software and technology.

Through the sophisticated CAD/CAM/CAE technology, we design, analyze, manufacture and inspect products according to specified standards. Having complete manufacturing solutions, we evaluate design alternatives and enhance overall product quality. Being proficient in analyzing design options 3D Engineering can produce efficient tooling, reduce prototyping cost through CAE and bring the products to market earlier than competitors.

Production Process:
All our production departments are well-equipped with the latest, machinery imported from Germany and England, and well-staffed with the expert technicians trained from our strategic joint venture network.
Raw Material Department

At WARSI SURGICAL, we believe that quality can only be achieved through quality raw material. As such, the best quality Raw-materials (S.S. Strips, Round Bars, S.S.Coils and S.S.Tubes) are imported directly from Japan & France and are subjected to composition and hardness testing through our in-house Laboratory in order to ensure that only the best materials are passed on to production departments.

Forging Department:
Warsi Surgical  The Company has its own Forging Section where Forgings are made through Drop Hammer process by seasoned operators using Dyes made of the best-quality imported D-2 Steel. The Forgings are later put through various processes like ring trimming, and acid cleaning / pickling by those well-versed in these processes before they are passed to milling department.

Milling Department:
WARSI SURGICAL  Our Milling / Machining section have best quality and imported Milling/Grinding Machines which are operated by the well-trained experts for good milling of the Scissors, ratchets, serration teeth, box cutting, and for all other related processes for ensuring exact perfection before filing. For this, top-quality imported cutters are used. The process of filing is carried out again by the trained professionals to ensure high standard of exactitude and precision.

We also manufacturer some of our special product in CNC Machine to get high quality product. We are manufacturing some of our product in +.05mm Tollerance. We are using below CNC Machines & Software.

    CNC Machinning Centre
    CNC Turning Macines
    CNC EDM Wire
    CNC EDM Micro Drilling
    CNC EDM Electro Errosion
    Laser Welding Machines
    Laser Marking Machine

    Solid Works
    Delcam Technology
    Auto Cad

Filing Department:
The process of filing is then carried out by foreign trained professionals in order to ensure high standard of exactitude and precision. Heat Treatment WARSI SURGICAL  has an in-house Heat Treatment Department equipped with top-quality Vacuum Furnace imported from England, where qualified staff and engineers trained by the English Suppliers are engaged in treating the instruments in order to add strength to the steel and perfect the metallurgical composition for further processes.

Polishing & Grinding Department:
The Electro-polishing and Grinding Departments are manned by seasoned workmen using imported Chemicals and best quality grinding wheels to ensure the best-quality finish. More than 15 halls housing approximately 200 trained technicians are employed for this process as it is an important process for quality finishing of any instrument.

TC Department:
Our T.C Department is installed with the best-quality imported machinery being manned by the exceptionally well-trained experts using the German Technology.

Coating Department:
Our coating department is capable of providing Gold plated instruments as well as powder coated instruments depending upon the requirements of the instruments or the customer. All coating related raw materials are imported from European countries so that no compromise on quality can be made. Furthermore, each coating is inspected for quality before any instrument is passed on to the next department.

Passivation Department:
Using the top-quality imported Chemicals in our Passivation Department we boil test and passivate each and every instrument for 24 hours before packing. If need arises, the instruments are re-passivated so as to eliminate any chances of rusting or corrosion during the life of the instrument. Our instruments are rust-free for life though we give guarantee for three years.

Sandblasting Department:
For sandblasting our instruments, we use the machines as well as the best quality sandblasting material, which are operated by skilled & well trained operators.

Currently etching on the instruments is being done in-house through a chemical-electrical process. Stamping facilities are also available if requested by customer. The company plans to apply laser-etching technology for its reusable grade instruments in the near future


In today's competitive market the concept of customer satisfaction is not about selling products at lower prices, customers are demanding quality, reliability and service.
Excellence in quality is of utmost priority at WARSI SURGICAL INDUSTRIES. And towards this end, the Company established a forma quality program covering the entire organization with requisite control framework for implementation of this program and in appreciation thereof our entire organization has most punctual and talented members. 
. Further, our company is child labor free. 
Yours Sincerely,


our mission is to provide those products which are satisfactory for customers needs with accommodation of reliable and safe for every life. .


Our vission is to improve medical Instrumentation and implant technology with advanced Engineering and Medical research.

  • Anti child labour.
  • On time Delievery and payment.
  • Feedback and Quality Accurance.